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General Rules and Regulations to abide by

Forum Rules

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Old May 31st, 2007, 02:11 PM
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Default General Rules and Regulations to abide by

They are here to ensure that your participants here is an enjoyable one! Thank You!

We enforce a three strikes ban limit here ... we call each one a "Strike Ban" you are alloted 3 depending on your infraction to the rules of this community.
Strike 1 - 4 day ban
Strike 2 - 10 day ban
Strike 3 - Permanent ban

Rule #1:
You must be 18+ to be a Member of the Hookah Pro Community, which is the legal US age to smoke tobacco products. No exceptions to this age restriction!
This website, and tobacco products, are intended only for people who are over the age of 18. Based on US law .. hookah pipes, shisha tobacco, and the like are not to be sold to anyone that is not of a legal age for their state/country (18 years of age is for most part the legal smoking age in the US.) Since this server is located in the US, we will abide by the 18+ age restriction. This applies to all countries, even if your law states a younger age. No Exceptions! If you are under 18, you will be permanently banned from this community.

Rule #2:
There are to be no drug references in posts.
.. Pay particularly close attention to this because if you violate this rule there will be no warnings! The first course of action will be an automatic 4 day strike ban!
Drug discussion of anything other than shisha / tobacco will NOT be tolerated here! This includes EVERYTHING from such phrases and euphemisms as: "not always shisha", "the other stuff", "the stuff we don't mention", etc ..
Do not discuss paraphernalia used for smoking illegal drugs. We do not call a hookah a B0NG or any other slang terminology. A hookah is a hookah here, and its intention is to be used to smoke hookah tobacco. A B0NG is NOT a hookah. There is a big difference!
Do not post drug related pictures because they will not be tolerated here. Do not post drug related pictures anywhere within this site! That includes within posts, albums, avatars, signatures, etc ..

Rule #3:
This forum is designed for adults, act like one.
Harassment of members, via the forum, PMs or chat will result in a warning, strike ban or permanent ban, as deemed necessary for the overall harmony of the Hookah Pro Community. This includes disrespecting Members, Moderators or Administrators openly on the forum/chat/PM. Such posts shall be edited/removed and a warning or ban will be issued. Continuing to repeat this behavior will result in a permanent ban.

No excessive use of vulgar/curse words. It is understood that people get upset and want a point expressed, but dropping the “F” bomb every few words is over doing it. Posts will be edited to reduce the amount of offensive words and the offender will receive a warning or a strike ban if the activity is continued.

Rule #4:
Do not spam this community. Spammers are not welcome here.
Posts containing spam will be edited, hidden or deleted. Do not spam the forums! For example, do not post "Hey visit this site …. " all over the boards. This includes material in your signature line. It will be deleted and you will be warned. If you repeat the behavior, you will receive a strike ban. Repeat it again and you will receive a permanent ban.

If anyone receives any spam in there PMs (private messages) about visiting certain sites, vendors or any other spam messages about products, etc .. Please copy and paste them in a message to a Moderator along with the Members information. This forum is not for the self-promotion of anyone’s site, company, products, etc. If a person is caught spamming, they will be permanently banned.

Hookah Pro is not a medium for promoting sites and is not a medium for recruiting for any organization, other communities, etc. You can refer to topics, threads, or information at other boards or websites, but please don't recruit members for other communities or business partnerships. (This also goes for PM’s in chat as well).

We understand that you may have a particulary favorite product or vendor. But if you are excessively promoting them in all your posts, you will receive a warning or strike ban. This IS CONSIDERED SPAM!

The same rules also apply to the Hookah Pro Chat as well ..

A couple examples of accepted topics in chat related to forum or business:
[*]Hey, {member’s name} (www.hookahpro.com) has an interesting thread about MYA hookahs. What do you guys think about MYAs?
[*]OMG... did you see the post about so and so at hookahpro.com? I can't believe that she's getting married!!!!!
[*]I just got a great deal at {vendor site}. Wanna to see what I got?

A couple examples of spam / recruitment / unacceptable behavior:
[*]VISIT WWW.HOOKAHPRO.COM [*] {other forum/site board} has better threads than hp.. You should go over there.
[*](*VENDOR*) I have better deals at {vendor site}, than {competitor vendor’s site}. You should visit MY site. I am the best and they suck. www.boogershookah.com

Rule #5:
We all come from different countries, origins, nationalities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, etc .. Keep your negative opinions concerning these differences to yourself!
Any posts containing hateful, racist, or anti-religious remarks will be deleted. We are a community of different races, nationalities and ethnicities. If you have these feelings, please don't post them on the boards. Depending on the severity of your negative comment, you could receive a warning or a strike ban.

Rule #6:
We all love porn, but don't post it here!
Anybody who posts pictures of, or links to an adult material / adult content (things considered pornographic in nature) will be banned instantly and you will not receive your account back. No questions, no excuses – DO NOT DO IT!

Rule #7:
Make your best effort to post in the correct discussion area / topic / forum.
Please post in the correct discussion area / topic / forum. You will be warned about incorrect section posting. If you accidentally posted your topic in the wrong section, let a mod know and we will move it for you.

Rule #8:
The Review section is for Reviews ONLY! By Members Only!
The Review section is for Reviews ONLY! Requests for reviews or discussion of reviews should be made in the General Hookah Discussion area. You will be warned, if you continue posting NON-Reviews in the review section, you will receive a strike ban.

Please refrain from posting in the Review / Vendor Review section until you have a few posts on the forums. Members who have a 1 post count will have their reviews hidden. We will think you are a vendor/employee of said vendor, trying to plug them or their products. Please be active in the forum before making a review post; introduce yourself, join the topics, then do a review.

Rule #9:
Signatures will be kept to a reasonable size 500x100 and not an eye sore to the community.
Members may have links in their profile & signature, but links have to be standard font size. Links AND Text cannot be obnoxious or invasive in size.
[www.hookahpro.com - ACCEPTED (considered normal "SIGNATURE" font size)

If your profile/signature’s font is incorrect, it will be edited and you will be sent a warning. Failure to maintain a correct signature will result in a strike ban.

Do not become a billboard for a website other than your own, or you will receive a strike ban.

Rule #10:
Due to the unwillingness of other hookah forums to live in harmony, we ask that you do not even mention them. In either a negative or positive nature.
Please refrain from saying things like, "at the other forum", or "the other forum", or "HF", or "hookah forum" or anything like that.

Now let me make it clear that we (HookahPro) do not have a problem with those phrases, but someone else might take offense. This request is for them, so other forums can rest assured that we are not trying to compare this community to any other forum on the Internet.

Rule #11:
You only need ONE account, do not create multiple accounts here.
If you make an account, please do not to make “test accounts". We will think you are up to something and ban the account. If you want to join, please make a real account. You can hide all your information if you want, but do not make "junk accounts". You only need one account. We do check all new users to see if they have already created an established account.

Rule #12:
Use the "Report Post" button, if you feel a post violates any of these rules!
If you see anything suspicious, or think something maybe "fishy" in regards to the forums, please report it to a mod immediately. There is also a "Report Post" feature on every post, in every thread. Use it if you see fit that it violates any of the Hookah Pro rules. We appreciate your support and help with violating posts!

Rule #13:
If you have been banned, stay banned for your duration of the alloted ban period!
DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER ACCOUNTS IF YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED. They will be banned as well and you will receive a longer ban, and possibly even a permanent ban. Just wait it out and you can discuss it in PM with one of the MODs when you are allowed back on the forum as an active Member.

Rule #14:
Vendors Make Sure You READ "The Vendor Rules!"
You can find these rules listed in the vendor introduction section. Here is a link to the Vendor Rules.

Vendors, you are not allowed to review products you are selling. Or considering selling. If you have, the post will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Repeated self-reviews will result in a strike ban.

Vendors are welcome at Hookah Pro. We have a Vendor section for introductions, deals & discounts, and announcements. Please post pertinent information related to your business in the correct categories. Vendors are allowed to reply to common discussions and hookah related discussions, as long as the information they provide is pertinent to the topic and doesn't infringe on any other vendors rights

Vendors are not allowed to spam the forums with their website, their products, or make posts stating that people should only purchase items from them. Vendors are also not allowed to hassle or bully any member of this forum into buying their products. This includes: spamming PM boxes (private messages), sending unwanted personal Emails or IM’s, posting, or in chat. If these tactics are reported or seen, you will receive a warning or a strike ban. More repeat behavior will result in another strike ban or permanent ban.

Rule #15:
Banned Vendors have been banned for a reason! Do not discuss them!
If a vendor has been banned from Hookah Pro, please refrain from posting about said vendor in posts. This includes asking for links to their site, promoting their wares and the like. The posts will be deleted/moved and an initial warning will be issued or a strike ban if the behavior is continued. There are reasons for banning, please do not post objections on the board. If you have questions, please PM a MOD or Admin.

Members OR Vendors who violate any of the rules will either be warned, strike banned or permanently banned at the discretion of the Admin and MODs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a Moderator, it's what we're here for!

Rule #16:
Do NOT discuss trying to avoid Customs Duty, Excise Duty and/or Import VAT!

'Avoiding tax' is an illegal activity and not one that should be discussed openly on the forums. If you live in a country with restrictive customs duty, excise duty and/or import VAT it is between you and the seller as to how to proceed.
Good, bad or otherwise, these are country laws that are in place by your government and hookahpro.com does not endorse or condone any actions or discussion to circumvent those laws. It reflects badly on the Hookah Pro community and can cause potential headaches for vendors.

Rule #17:
Do not discuss the bypass of fire and/or carbon monoxide detection devices
Tampering with these devices is illegal and may risk the lives of others as well as your own. If you want to smoke, relocate to a place where it is allowed.

These rules are for all Members, Administrators, and Moderators of www.HookahPro.com.



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Default Re: General Rules and Regulations to abide by


The reason you are being asked to view this thread .. can be found in this thread:


ALL MEMBERS are being prompted to view this thread upon login, you are not being singled out!

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