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As of late there have been far too many slip ups or outright blatant disregard for this rule. THIS IS A RULE NOT OPEN TO DISCUSION, PERIOD, END OF STORY. Now that I have gotten my point across, here is the rules on mentioning illegal substances, read and heed. I am quickly losing my patience issuing warnings, there will be no more warnings issued concerning this topic. So without further ado, here is the rule in writing yet again.

There are to be no drug references in posts. This can be anything from *****, to someone talking about *******, to the mention of *** being something else a poster smokes. This will not be tolerated in this community. This includes such phrases and euphemisms as "not always shisha" ,"the other stuff", "the stuff we don't mention" ETC. If it's not tobacco or herbal based SHISHA, just don't mention it.

The hookah community does NOT want people to come to this forum, (or other forums related to hookah), and find any connection between hookahs and illegal substances. This will provide them with ammunition to use in anti-hookah campaigns. "See, this person says they smoke *** and hookahs, so we should ban hookahs!" While the vast majority of us don't do illegal drugs and would never think of using our hookahs for the same, we KNOW that the few mentions will be the ones these types of people and the media will look at.

What you do on your own time is your business and we know the origin of the hookah so don't even try that argument, its not what we are HERE to discuss.

Thanks for reading ...
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